Integration of Occupancy Data in HQ revenue

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August 11, 2017 10:20:38 AM CEST

Berlin, August 2017 - HQ revenue now provides an interface to Fairmas for its proprietary rate shopping software Market Intelligence.

Implementing the interface with Fairmas

Customers of both companies can now fully and automatically send their tentative and definitive occupancy rates from Fairmas to HQ revenue; these are then clearly presented in comparison to the City Demand and in the context of competitor rates in the Smart View.

Furthermore, the occupancy rate development can be analyzed day by day for the last 30 days relative to the current date. Revenue managers thus have a further important performance indicator directly in the software, can observe their market, and then make immediate strategic pricing decisions. The data is encrypted and can only be accessed by the customer.

“By incorporating PMS data into our software, we are demonstrating that we are an innovation driver and a strong partner in the market. Changes in demand in the destination as well as the own hotel are immediately visible and can be directly compared with the market situation,” explains Roland Hehn, CEO of HQ revenue.

"With this interface, we have responded to the wishes of our customers and given hoteliers and revenue managers an important decision-making aid." -Roland Hehn

Niels Schröder, Fairmas’ CEO, adds: “The integration of data from different systems is one of the most important trends in software development and affects almost all industries worldwide. We see a great added value for the users of our systems in the development of various interfaces. Our partner HQ revenue offers highly innovative products to a large number of our customers. Stronger integration between the applications represents a great additional advantage.”.

For HQ revenue, the integration of the occupancy data is a further milestone in allowing systems to communicate with one another. After the integration of numerous partners in the areas of RMS and IBE, further PMS are being continuously integrated into HQ revenue Market Intelligence rate shopper.


About Fairmas

Fairmas GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, is one of the leading companies for hotel software development in Germany. Fairmas offers daily benchmarking, as well as planning, controlling, and management reporting solutions. Currently, over 8,000 users in more than 3,500 hotels worldwide are using the company’s software solutions – from global hotel chains to leisure hotels and privately-owned hotels. For more than 12 years, Fairmas has been a strong partner for hotels. Thanks to a combined team of 30 hotel and IT specialists, experienced managers from within the industry ensure hospitality expertise for Fairmas’ creative solutions while IT specialists continuously develop the tailor-made software and make sure they run smoothly.


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