HQ revenue Announces New Integration with Mews

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20180319Blog-Muse Integration

After another successful ITB Berlin, HQ plus is excited to announce its newest integration with one of the hottest cloud-based PMS on the market. Hotels using the Mews Commander PMS will now be able to see their reservation data directly in HQ revenue and revenue managers will be able to easily monitor the evolution of their hotel occupancy and compare it with the demand in their city.

“With this new interface we are continuing our integration process with other systems. We believe in the power of integrations to help improve the quality of products and customer experiences as they can provide a more complete view of any market as well as optimise any workflows,” says HQ plus CEO Roland Hehn.

The new interface is part of the continued effort from HQ plus to boost communications between systems, a hot topic in hotel tech as companies seek to overcome data isolation and allow users to process more data more efficiently.

With this new integration, the Berlin startup is not only bringing more potential users on board but also contributing to the development of a more integrated industry.

“We love finding ways to make our hotels make more revenue while also partnering with companies similarly obsessed with integrations and collaborations,” says Mews Systems Founder, Richard Valtr. “HQ plus is blazing new trails in revenue intelligence and it’s exciting to have them join the Mews family.”


About HQ plus

HQ plus offers a precise overview of the most important distribution channels to revenue managers and hoteliers for both individual and larger hotel chains. The software HQ revenue, developed by HQ plus, combines all relevant data into a user-friendly interface. This enables a timely response to market changes and thus significantly contributes to the sales and earning improvement of each house. HQ plus is Europe's current market leader with circa 2,000 customers. The company, founded in Berlin in 2012, currently has 24 employees.


About Mews Systems

Mews makes cloud-based property management software that helps hotels and hostels automate their operations so they can focus on their guests. Founded by ex-hoteliers who were frustrated by the lack of a suitable platform on the market, Mews has built technology with a modern and intuitive interface with user experience at its core. The open platform allows hoteliers to quickly plug in their favourite apps, tools and services they already use and to manage their PMS from any device and at anytime. Join the Mews revolution!