How Do You Choose a Good Rate-Shopper?

May 9, 2018

smartviewblogscreen is shutting down BookingSuite for good. Many hoteliers ask themselves how they can replace it with an alternative solution in the wake of such news. If you're looking into rate-shopping and market monitoring, keep in mind these four key features when searching for a good rate-shopper:

1. Bring your data to the forefront

Find yourself a tool that integrates with your PMS (Property Management System). If you're looking to perform an accurate market analysis, you need to have a comprehensive view of your market, including your very own data.

Keeping your data at the forefront will mean upgrading from a superficial view to a complete picture of what your competitors are doing (like how they're pricing rooms). Comparing the tool's market data to your property's occupancy and rates will give you enough in-depth knowledge to make killer pricing decisions.

2. Getting accurate data is everything

First, make sure your next tool pulls data from a high number of sources. The more data it draws in, the higher the overall accuracy. And accuracy is crucial when planning a successful revenue strategy. HQ revenue gathers real-time data from more than 20 OTAs,, Metasearch, and GDS. After all, what's the point of having a rate-shopper if it can't provide you with sufficient data?

Finally, if you have been working without real-time data until now, it's time for a much-needed change. Having reliable data always updated in real-time will save you the stress of running after ever-changing rates across tools and platforms.

3. Price recommendations to save the day?

Price recommendations are a very sought-after add-on, but are they always a guarantee for best pricing practices? Some hoteliers prefer this feature to save time, while others prefer to rely on data alone; it's up to you to decide what works best.

Keep in mind that in a dynamic market like hospitality, strategy and timing are everything. If you decide to choose a tool that offers price recommendations, review the following with a keen eye: what data, time frame, and criteria does the tool's suggestion take into account.

4. Find that little something your competitors don’t have

Call it your ace in the hole, competitive edge, or superpower; what matters is finding a tool with a unique feature that will put you ahead of your competition. Something that other solutions are lacking and will make a difference to your strategy.

In this regard, HQ revenue Market Intelligence, an advanced market analytics solution, boasts a handy feature on room type mapping. You can categorize room types with different names and make it easier to compare to competitors. It's a little feature, but one that remains popular among revenue managers.


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