HQ plus and Hostelling International Are Bringing Revenue Intelligence to Hostels

June 10, 2018

partnership  with hosteling international

HQ plus and Hostelling International (HI) have just announced their new partnership. Both companies aim to encourage hostels all over the world to improve their pricing strategy by making the most of revenue technology. HQ plus is pleased to support almost 4000 HI properties by offering them an easy access to their rate shopper HQ revenue. Prospects will join other renowned hostel chains such as a&o Hostels, Meininger and Wombat's, that have already benefited from the tool.

How HQ revenue will help hostels maximize hostel revenue

HQ revenue allows hotels and hostels to identify high-yield periods and periods of low demand at an early stage, all while monitoring competitors’ room rates and tracking information about events, conferences, and fairs. Thanks to reliable real-time data, information on the city demand and its multi-property and multi-user accounts the tool will give members of Hostelling International  a winning competitive advantage.

About HQ plus

HQ plus is the pioneer of Europe’s Revenue Intelligence revolution. Since its foundation in 2012, the company has successfully brought forward cutting-edge revenue technologies. It is now Europe’s market leader, serving about 2,000 customers with its innovative software, HQ revenue, and is enjoying a steady growth in foreign markets too.

About Hostelling International

Hostelling International is a non-profit organization that coordinates almost 4000 hostels across nearly 80 countries worldwide. HI works relentlessly to expand its network to new places, working with governments and voluntary agencies to create the same practices and high standards everywhere. Its members are committed to bringing a positive experience to young people of all nations with no distinction of race, nationality, color, religion, sex, class, or political opinions.