5 Reasons Why You Should Bring Revenue Intelligence to Your Hostel

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Market Intelligence for your Hostel

Technology has revolutionized the way hoteliers go about creating successful pricing strategies. Yet many hostels are failing to recognize that automated tools can also benefit their properties. If you work for a hostel and are looking to ditch your manual work practices, here are five reasons why we think transitioning to revenue technology is worth it:

1. You value your time

The most obvious benefit of switching to automation is the saving of working time: relying on Revenue Intelligence software will free you from your constant separate tasks and allow you to optimize your work

At HQ revenue, we estimated that working with our rate-shopper will on average afford you 90% of time saved compared to manual work!

2. You believe accuracy matters

To err is human, and that's why we invented technology!

Revenue Intelligence tools allow you to minimize the risk of errors thanks to fresh and accurate data that you can rely upon to design effective and relevant pricing strategies.

Working with fresh data and automated technologies can also help you make more objective, data-based decisions that you wouldn’t otherwise take on your own.

3. You know integration is key

Revenue Intelligence does not only allow you to save time but it also makes you work smarter.

Most advanced solutions will offer integrations with other revenue tech tools, empowering you to work in a more integrated environment and create a more consistent and unified revenue strategy; say goodbye to a fragmented working process!

4. You foster collaboration

The best tools facilitate teamwork and the exchange of information; switching to a solution with multi-user and multi-property options can make your life so much easier by keeping everything in one place.

While a multi-property account lets you manage all your hostels from one account, the multi-user access will make it easier to collaborate with your team and keep everyone up to date.

5. You expect investments to pay off

It is true, the best services never come for free. But it's also true that nowadays automation is a must for those who want to stay ahead of their competition.

Investing in Revenue Intelligence is the right choice for those who want to excel in their market, be they hotels, resorts, or hostels:

These tools bring proven results and a significant increase in revenue that justifies the spending. In fact, our pricing optimization tool Market Intelligence helps you gain an average 8% revenue increase!


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