Combining the Best Data With the Best Toolings – Our New Partnership With revbell ... and nancie.

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March 1, 2023 11:32:00 AM CET

The partnership of revbell and HQ revenue allows also less mature establishments in Revenue Management to go further. And this, while keeping in the same platform an active watch on the prices of the competition.

For a hotelier, it's always a good idea to take a look at the competition. Not to follow them to the letter, but to understand your market and use it as an indicator that can explain stronger or weaker demand than usual for your establishment. We have all done it before as Revenue Manager. We do it every day as a customer.


For this information to be effective and serve revenue management, you need access to quality data and a revenue management tool. If you combine the two, you hit the jackpot.

We are therefore delighted to announce our partnership with N&C, the Revenue Management System that relies on artificial intelligence to guide you through every dimension of optimizing your revenue. Revbell relies on your own historical data, and helps you to take quickly, clearly, and completely, the best decisions thanks to more than 300 KPIs and detailed recommendations.

But even the most advanced AI can only be as good as the data that fuels it.

This is where HQ revenue steps in, providing revbell (and its AI assistant nancie) with the exactest, and most up-to-date data available, making this not only a win-win-scenario, but rather a win-win-win-scenario, as Erjon Gorani of HQ revenue points out:

This integration is the perfect win-win partnership scenario, where the beneficiaries are not only the two companies but above all their common customers. Our mutual customers can now enjoy the high quality and real-time market data that will power revbell and they will be able to, at the same time, use the HQ Revenue platform powered by revbell's data. Together, we have one and the same goal: to maximize the income of our customers and put them forward against the competition.


Meet nancie, revbell's fabulous AI assistant, that guides you, and recommends the actions to take. Fueled by HQ revenue data. Sign up to meet her personally here.


Jackpot – revbell & HQ revenue combined

The HQ revenue-revbell-integration allowed revbell to simultaneously improve:

  • User experience: By displaying competitors' prices in the form of KPIs, in pop-ups and in nancie's vocabulary when it explains its recommendation to you
  • The quality of the forecast: by integrating events allowing nancie to recommend better future modeling


Florent Manotta, CCO at N&C, says:

I am very happy that this integration is available for our mutual customers. HQ Revenue has demonstrated a very strong capacity for innovation in recent years with a very intuitive product. On the User Experience side, the HQ revenue x revbell integration will allow less mature establishments in Revenue Management to go further while maintaining an active watch on the competition's prices in the same platform. We reaffirm our convictions about blindly following the competition while simplifying the life of Hoteliers and Revenue Managers thanks to precise data. On the forecast side, the import of events will allow nancie to recommend a better reference calendar, the key to better anticipation.


Ah, did we even mention, the connection between HQ Revenue and revbell is possible without integration costs. Oui, oui!

Find out more about HQ revenue in a personal demo. Or go the other way, and schedule a revbell demo with our partners over at N&C right here.


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