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Mar 14, 2023 3:18:00 PM

Finally, in 2023, the city of Berlin will once again host the ITB, the world's largest trade fair for tourism and the global travel industry. Finally! Just like Berlin, the ITB represents diversity, inventiveness, cosmopolitanism and, of course, a love of travel. No other city in Germany attracts such a large number of tourists every year.

Berlin is more accustomed to change than almost any other city. We experience change and we live it. So the ITB could hardly have found a better motto for 2023 than this: Open for change!

Just in time for the largest trade fair in the industry, we are presenting a special issue of the property and revenue management magazine, GRANT#3.

We've invited thinkers on the topic of revenue management. From A to Z, partner companies and renowned market experts show how the industry is adapting to change and finding solutions that take the topic to a new and much higher level: total revenue management based on future-oriented data, the integration of change management processes, new forecasting methods, the realignment of distribution channels (and the evaluation of OTAs as a distribution channel) and artificial intelligence. These are just a few of the buzzwords this issue of GRANT will bring to life for you.

In this issue, we're particularly pleased to present the portrait of an industry insider, an outstanding expert from the very beginning on the topic of revenue management. This year the inspiring Bianca Spalteholz celebrates the 25th anniversary of her company, Spalteholz Hotelkompetenz. Actually, quite a few of our readers have been taught by her! She shares some moving insights into her career with our editor-in-chief Bernd Pohlmann, about this an industry that has always been undergoing change.

GRANT3_cover_MG_MThis is an article from GRANT #3: Revenue Management from A to Z
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Towards the end of the magazine we come a complete circle with Ira Vouk's article on 7 must-have attributes of the next-generation revenue management technology. In fact, I’m pleased to see that we share many of the views presented in the article and are already planning or have already implemented the proposed solutions within our services

Finally, we present 5 special Berlin hotels that show the same features of our city that have been described above: a Berlin that’s cosmopolitan, diverse and welcoming.

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What changes are we facing? What new sales channels will the future bring? Which technologies will play a role in the selection of travel and hotel offers in the future? What tools will hoteliers have at our disposal to assert ourselves in the market?

We created GRANT Magazine to find answers to these questions. The English to grant means to grant insights and to fulfill wishes ....

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This article is taken from GRANT#3 – Revenue Management from A to Z

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