Introducing: GRANT – The Hotel Magazine on Property and Revenue Management

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Apr 1, 2022 5:09:00 PM

In times of declining print circulation, digitization, global networking, we decided to make a magazine.

A magazine?
Yes, something with a tactile feel, something you can touch.

Isn't that completely ... bonkers?

Well ... no. When we started planning Issue #1 of GRANT Magazine, we wanted to send a signal of new beginnings. Two years of the pandemic have been hard on an industry that is used to finding solutions where others look for problems. In the meantime, we find ourselves in the most serious crisis in post-war history - in the middle of a new war in Ukraine, in the middle of Europe. Even in this crisis, the hotel industry is leading by example.

For example, Anna Heuer and Zeèv Rosenberg from HSMA talk in our interview about how they launched the #touristikhilft initiative. You too can become active via the portal!

"Many of my colleagues," writes Philipp Stelzer in the foreword, like himself, "grew up in the hotel industry." Therefore, we know very well about the challenges hotels are facing. What changes are coming? What new distribution channels will the future bring? Which future technologies will shape the selection of travel and hotel offers? What tools will we have at our disposal to compete as a hotel in the marketplace?

We are launching GRANT Magazin to find answers to these questions. After all, the English to grant means to provide insights and fulfill desires. Together with you, we want to further develop the topic of revenue management - and more: The GRANT Magazine should not be a one-way street, but ultimately a platform for exchange - you can participate in it! Tell us which topics are particularly important to you right now or which insights you are missing! 

That's what you'll find in Digitale Freiheit, the first issue of GRANT:

  • Commitment to society #touristikhilft

    Hotels have always been confident crisis managers. Anna Heuer and Zeèv Rosenberg from HSMA report on how hotels support refugees. Read online

  • Undiscovered soil – history and future of the hotel industry
    The history of competition in the hotel industry shows: Competition will grow. Read online (German)

  • The Beauty of Data – Data Science & Design

    The visualization of data can be beautiful. And it enables new insights.

  • Digital freedom
    Roland Hehn, Managing Director of HQ plus, explains in an interview why looking into the future is also a question of good design
    . Read online (German)

  • Free PMS integration in HQ revenue
    HQ revenue connects digital worlds: PMS can also be integrated free of charge – without additional interfaces.

  • How the world sees me
    How hotels make the most of data from their digital sales platforms. Read online

  • Compare your own PMS data with the market
    The new HQ revenue dashboard combines a look inside the hotel with a comprehensive view of the market.


Download the GRANT Magazine digitally, or order it free of charge as a real, printed magazine.

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