Top dogs and niche providers: HQ revenue implements Airbnb, Traveloka, Ecohotels and others

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June 9, 2022 8:41:00 AM CEST

HQ revenue is far from being the only rate shopper in the hotel tech world. At the same time, HQ revenue does a lot more than just rate shopping. The claim is: Market Intelligence at its best.

Le ROI c’est … made from real insights. 

Real insights about the market must also reflect the real market – and that consists not only of BDC and HRS, but of a whole bunch of OTAs. And an even bigger pile of sites. 

This is also the reason why HQ revenue implements far more channels than just the top dogs, such as Expedia, HRS, Booking or Agoda. 

Instead, HQ revenue stores all channels that are relevant for our customers and partners – and these are, in addition to the pages, also supposedly niche-y or exotic channels such as EcoHotels, Traveloka or Hostelworld. With this data, we offer our customers real added value in their respective segments. Because their customers book through them. 


Airbnb as OTA: Game Changer for Some, Data Source for All 

In addition, we have long integrated Airbnb as a new data source for our customers, which has since proven to be a game changer, opening up an immense new data source for many of our clients and partners. 

Since Airbnb no longer solely acts as a broker for short- and mid-term rented apartments, but also allows hotel listings directly, a whole new data market has emerged. After private providers and operators of serviced apartments, hoteliers have now also recognized Airbnb as a distribution channel and included it in their toolkit. 

On the other hand, OTAs no longer exclusively offer hotels and short term accommodation.  In summary, we can say:


Distribution channels change – our job remains the same

What has led to near-panic acquisitions in the industry, HQ revenue can almost do off the cuff thanks to many years of expertise built up in-house. Well, no, we want to be honest: It was a lot of work.  

But it was worth it, as – for example – our customers from the long-stay/serviced apartments sector acknowledge. For example, HQ revenue has taken on a central role at Brera Serviced Apartments, as Revenue Manager Amelie Nussdorfer recapitulates: "The integration of Airbnb was and is very interesting for us! As a provider of serviced apartments, we compete with the typical city hotels to only a limited extent – but all the more so with apartment providers." Michael Ziemann, COO of Clipper Boardinghouses, sees it very similarly:"I'm a power user!"

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