Update: SFR / Semi Flex Rates now via API, Settings Logic Improved

1 min read
July 25, 2022 12:28:00 PM CEST

In the handling of the semi-flex rates we have given HQ revenue a small update.  Until now, users had to select the rate (APR/BAR) at which the semi-flex rate was charged via a toggle switch in the filter itself.  

Although this function was explicitly requested by many users, we observed that the toggle was hardly ever used in real revenue management life. No wonder - for most revenue managers there is simply no need to change the SFR more often. They either think in one logic or the other.  

We have therefore relocated the SFR setting - it is now centrally located in MY HOTEL Settings and thus globally affects all filters. Depending on the choice, the filters appear as below.


As a result, the FIlter now presents itself less cluttered, which increases the focus. And one more improvement: By making the mapping global, HQ revenue can now also provide the SFR rate in the API according to the respective user preferences. 



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