HQ plus announces new vision and mission statement

January 17, 2018


The Berlin start-up has unveiled their new vision statement: “to be at the heart of every hotel’s winning revenue strategy”. The new vision reflects the company’s consistent involvement to better understand its customers and meet their needs. HQ plus has also released a new tagline - Be a revenue maker. - that embodies their spirit and product’s goal more fittingly.

“Since our successful software relaunch in 2017 we have been experiencing an increased growth both in our domestic market and globally” commented Roland Hehn, CEO of HQ plus. “We decided to define a new vision and a new mission that mirror where we are heading for the future even better.”

For a start-up that is gaining more and more ground internationally, having a clear direction is essential. HQ plus’ product, HQ revenue, has already revolutionized the revenue strategy of the majority of European hotels; with a new vision and mission the company is now sending out a clear message to its customers and the market that its strategy is solid and its efforts future-oriented.

To put their new vision into practice, HQ plus formulated a detailed mission statement that aligns with its company culture and sets the ground rules for creating innovation with a definite direction in mind:

HQ plus was founded with an innovative spirit and a futuristic goal: to provide hoteliers and revenue managers worldwide with the best real-time data to make the smartest revenue decisions. We are dedicated to restoring our customers’ independence. We do so by providing a comprehensive and transparent view of the market to help them think efficiently, maximize their revenue and outperform the competition.

With these statements the company, founded just 5 years ago, officializes its goal to become the leading Revenue Intelligence Provider in the hotel industry.


About HQ plus

HQ plus offers a precise overview of the most important distribution channels to revenue managers and hoteliers for both individual and larger hotel chains. The software HQ revenue, developed by HQ plus, combines all relevant data into a user-friendly interface. This enables a timely response to market changes and thus significantly contributes to the sales and earnings improvement of each house. HQ plus is Europe’s current market leader with circa 2,000 customers. The company, founded in Berlin in 2012, currently has 24 employees.