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June 13, 2022 9:01:00 AM CEST

Tools must fit the task - and to those who use them. This has always been the case - and has been reflected in popular proverbs: Every problem looks like a nail when the only tool is a hammer. Seen in this light, User Centered Design is really hardly new. 

What does User Centered Design mean at HQ revenue? That we give you, the user, the tools that solve your problems. And in exactly the way you approach these solutions.

With this in mind, we have recently redesigned the HQ revenue dashboard and have already rolled it out after several tests in live operation.

Besides the significantly improved UX, the most important new feature is that the dashboard now follows a revamped logic: Users can completely customize their dashboard from a large selection of widgets. Here we introduce all the widgets one by one.

Personalization Basics: Logo, Links and Overview

First Things First: Make Yourself at Home - In HQ revenue, this is done with the three simple widgets Info, Links and Photo, whose functions sound completely trivial, but which make you immediately know where you actually are and make you feel at home on your dashboard.

In addition, we find the accumulated HQ revenue-ReviewScore right in the Info Widget. In the video, Stephan Kohl from HQ revenue explains what this is based on:



Reviews Widget

Naturally, we are not only interested in our own score - but also in the comparison with our comp set. Who ranks where? And how much difference is there between them? The cumulative reviews are displayed in the Review Widget - and you can also drill down into the individual channels with a single click. This also gives an answer to the question: How does the channel actually work for my competitors - and for me.



30 Days Rate Widget

What will happen in the next few days? This is a question that is always asked in revenue management. Do you always find an answer?

The 30 Days Rate Widget shows what will happen to the rate in the next 30 days, what will happen to occupancy and how does demand relate to this? Of course, this widget again puts my own hotel in relation to the competitors. The period under consideration can be adjusted with the time slider - and of course this data set can also be sorted.




Future Pricing Tunnel

The Future Pricing Tunnel widget gives us an overview of where the journey is actually going. We see the average rates of our hotel and those of the competitors - and the trends. 





We have already written about the Price Rating Matrix. The point here is to analyze our own price-performance ratio in comparison to the competition. Which is not always easy. With the PrPrice Rating widget it is:




Daily KPIs

The morning overview always includes a small pile of questions of the sort: How did yesterday actually go? How much sales did I make? How was the occupancy? And at what rate? What do the books say? And where are they taking me today? The Daily KPIs Widget gives quick answers:




Tops & Flops

What will happen in the next 356 days - at a glance? Very roughly - but also very quickly - the Tops and Flops Widget shows what can happen in the future. And filtered according to the common KPIs:




Talk about the weather

See at a glance if a fair weather weekend is coming to my beach or ski resort:




Events and eventualities

The Event Widget shows all the events that will provide high volume of guests. But not only that. Using the asterisk buttons, I can trigger an individual high-demand period - our rate shopper will then display a separate "section" just for that particular event.

Now the event industry is always on the move. So there are more than enough opportunities to miss something. The Recently Added Events widget displays events that tool users add themselves. 





Curious now ... ?

Get to know all functions and widgets?  Unfortunately we can only make the complete video with all widgets and all explanations available to our users – but, well – there's nothing wrong with that.

You can check out your personalized 14-day trial version right here.

Or: Simply book a personal demo (in English, German, Italian or Spanish) of all functions and widgets. Select a date in the calendar widget on the right and you're ready to go.

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