ITB 2023: The Anomaly We've Been Longing For

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April 1, 2023 10:52:00 AM CEST

Anomalies in the market - that's nothing to be trifled with, at least that’s what we learn pretty early on in our careers as hoteliers, as revenue managers. Sudden peaks that we didn't see coming, suddenly collapsing demand that has the potential of ruining our business (or at least our weekends) - we would like to see all of these things coming long before it's too late! It's a good thing that HQ revenue has integrated two new features with the Alerting Feed and the Anomaly Widget, with which revenue managers can approach their task in a completely different way - with much greater security.  

But more on that later.    

Anomalies are very general: deviations. Deviations from the trend or from the development of the last observation period.  

Anomaly of the best kind: The return of the ITB, a highlight in itself

Seen in this way, the ITB 2023 was a very special departure from recent history! After several years of contact restrictions, canceled events, remote meetings, Europe's largest industry event was finally back! 

And with that, a 3-year Covid fever dream was finally over for us, too - and could be turned into reality. We have done that with great anticipation! Looking back is still somewhat two-fold:  

On the one hand, half of the HQ staff felt like they had to stay in bed after three ITB days that drained their strength (and their immune systems). 

On the other hand, it was AWESOME! No matter who you ask - everyone had a good time. The HQ revenue team and our industry colleagues have a hard time summarizing the highlights: 


“There wasn't just one highlight here! We had great conversations, wonderful appointments, many new partners who will be part of HQ revenue in the future – we are very excited overall!
Roland Hehn
Roland Hehn
CEO, HQ plus
The three days themselves were a highlight in itself - because the ITB simply HAD to take place again! Today we're going to toast together to finally having met our partners and clients again!
Silvana Drummer
Silvana Drummer
HQ revenue
I LEARNED SO MANY NEW THINGS! I really enjoyed this fair - especially because we had three years of detox. That was a bit too long!
Erjon Gorani
Erjon Gorani
Partnership Manager, HQ revenue


The meetings with interested prospects, the discussions with existing clients, the exchange with partner companies, with competitors, with industry experts from HSMA, RevFine, HIC, you name them ... it was the much-quoted inner flower picking for all of us.  

We thank you for all that: for the discussions, for your interest, for your time, for stopping by, for your questions, your answers, your suggestions.  


Detect anomalies in advance - and use them 

One major highlight of the HQ revenue booth was definitely the anomaly alerting. The new widgets of the HQ revenue app are the conclusion that we can draw from the world's best database of market and hotel data (i.e. ours):  

Based on the HQ revenue data and smart machine learning algorithms, hoteliers and revenue managers can recognize and tackle unexpected market movements in six dimensions (demand, competitors, rates, LOS, occupancy and pickup) at a glance - with a view that reaches a full year into the future. And this does definitely NOT involve any whichcraft, crystal balls, or the like. 

Detailed explanations of the new anomaly functionalities can be found here. 


Get more glimpses of the future! 

You didn't have the time/possibility to visit us at the ITB? Don’t you worry - our business is to look to the future, not to mourn the past!  

  • We look forward to new connections – and to your curiosity! Get to know HQ revenue? Sure, just make an appointment below. We look forward to you! 
  • Ira Vouk in GRANT magazine, among others, has given even more thought to the topic of revenue management of the future: In this critical listical, she highlights 7 must-haves for revenue management tech of the next generation. All in all, GRANT#3 - published in time for the ITB 2023 - is well worth reading - find all info plus the download/order form here.

  • The next ITB will take place from March 5th to 7th, 2024. Please mark it in your calendar.  


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