Getting in Position: Social Media and Ratings

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Nov 6, 2022 3:22:00 PM

More direct bookings? You can definitely work towards this goal, should you decide to promote your offer on social media. The social media presence has a great influence on your positioning, positively and negatively ...

For example, through the self-presentation on your channels or through the (dis)likes and comments of guests, followers, or (based on search behavior or certain preferences) users streaming by. 
Also by your ability to engage in dialog with your users – and last but not least by algorithms that (for more or less opaque reasons) flush your offer into the timelines of social media users (or not).

Our short scenario shows in four stages how social media can establish and accompany the customer relationship - and what can go well or go very wrong.

GRANT2_positionierung-social-media_kl-1This is an article taken from GRANT #2: Get in Position!
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Using 'my own' channels

Today, anyone planning a trip uses the Internet to find information: Social media, OTAs, comparison portals, blogs and special-interest newsletters share the task - and the target groups - among themselves. Certain age groups favor certain media. Other groups favor influencers on social media. Those who want to position themselves meaningfully must therefore prioritize: Playing on all channels is a lot of work. It takes months to achieve relevant success. Position your offer in particular on the channels on which your target group is on the move.


Attracting the right guests

And now that it's up and running and you've successfully positioned your offer on the social media channels – how do you actually notice that? Well, after a while, you will notice that the number of interactions with your content increases. This obviously happens through likes or by sharing your posts. Comments are an indication that your audience has taken the bait. Even if the responses are not always positive: Respond appropriately to each comment and stay engaged in the dialogue! Also, take enough time for analysing the insights on your social media channels. Also, analyze the matches with your existing analytics tool: Is the percentage of direct bookings increasing? Are more and more people coming to your website from your social media channels? Then you are on the right track.



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Avoid disappointment

Now the guests have left again ... Hopefully they had a good time! By now, at the latest, you will realize: Social media activities are not a radio or television show. On the Internet, you are in a social scenario. Because not only your fans and "brand ambassadors" will leave reviews. Especially those who are dissatisfied with life in general and with your offer in particular will also write comments on hotel and rating portals and on your social media channels. You do not want to be the cause of your guests' disappointment! Disappointment arises from inflated expectations or broken promises. And this has a lot to do with your positioning, with your visual appearance and with your brand promises!


Ensuring good ratings

So only promise what you can deliver. Then you don't have to fear evaluations. On the contrary. Reviews will be your best advertising. As a team, come up with a target group-specific concept for managing reviews! 

  • Who will handle the direct, digital dialog with reviews and comments left? (This may require a regular sign-off process with hotel management).
  • When (check-out, after or during stay ...) and how (digital or analog guest folder, e-mail, etc.) do you ask your guests for a rating?
  • Who takes over the careful evaluation of the ratings and relates them to the statistics of your sales channels?



This article is taken from GRANT#2 – Get in Position!

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