Update: Improved functions for Events in Feed Manager

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October 26, 2023 2:33:22 PM CEST

The HQ revenue tools for Events in the Feed Manager are now available in an improved version. As revenue managers, we understand that staying up to date with relevant events is crucial for making pricing decisions. With this update, we're introducing the functionality to subscribe to event locations and more new features in the Feed Manager. 


These are the news

Events filtered by Location - Event Search now Available

We've improved event discovery in the Feed Manager using location-based filtering. Looking for events within your preferred area or finding specific event locations has never been simpler, thanks to our new search box.



Subscribe to Events by Location

You can now subscribe to events based on their location. Introducing a new dynamic map view. This map can be accessed via Feed Manager - Manage Venue Subscriptions. By clicking on an event location, you can learn more about it and subscribe to it. When you subscribe, all future events at this place will be displayed in your event feed. 


We automatically set a 2-kilometer radius around your hotel. By default, all other event locations will be unsubscribed. This has no effect on your current show/ hide event state. 


City Wide

We are introducing a game-changing feature that will automatically subscribe you to all city-wide events in your city. These are the major events that garner a lot of attention in your city. The selection of City Wide events is powered by Geomand, so you can be confident that you are constantly up to date on the most important events in your city. If you do not want to use this feature, you can still unsubscribe from City Wide by heading to "Manage Venue Subscriptions." 



Select Specific Events

We understand that some events are more crucial than others. In the Feed Manager, you can now select a specific event without subscribing to future events at that location. Just click on the checkbox next to the event, and it's done! 



Insights & outlooks 

While we're enhancing your experience, you still have the freedom to create your own events. These events are automatically subscribed to and can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Get into practice! Get a real insight into the new features and learn about the benefits of the Feed Manager and HQ revenue! If you have any more questions, our support team is always there to assist you. 

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