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Dec 20, 2022 3:18:00 PM

Surrounded by the intoxicating panorama of the Dolomites, Lea Oberhofer and her husband Simon Leitner have created a place that appeals to and affects their guests. The name says it all: Sensoria Dolomites.

Situated right at the foot of the Schlern, a mighty peak and landmark of the South Tyrolean Dolomites, the traditional Knight's Farm or Ritterhof has become "a place for great and small moments of bliss, a place of spiritual power for encounters", as Lea Oberhofer proudly tells us. "Sensoria: Because our guests experience, they feel, they’re touched through their senses".

Sensoria Dolomites is a hotel with a long tradition. Lea Oberhofer's parents met and fell in love at the Ritterhof. Her mother Hanny worked at the reception back then, her father Leo as a cook. The next generation of children returned here and transformed their (family) tradition and experience into a unique all-round occasion.

Consequentially, the hoteliers found a partner in Brandnamic, a hotel marketing agency that shares and embodies their values. "Marketing by Brandnamic affects the senses and moves the soul", is how Lea Oberhofer and Simon Leitner describe their experience with this agency from Brixen.

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Brand management in the hotel industry thrives on a holistic approach.

Brandnamic laid the foundations for a 360° positioning and communication concept that focuses on an all-round experience that affects all senses equally. Brandnamic's holistic approach is decisive for brand management in the hotel industry. Full service encompasses all aspects of a brand. "Marketing with heart", explains Brandnamic’s Managing Director and hotel consultant, Michael Oberhofer, "is an essential part of the creation and success story of Sensoria Dolomites”.


High calibre, and far-sighted visions

Positioning is the keyword. "Luxury for the Soul" is the result of customised branding that’s designed to be recognisable and unique. The positioning of the brand encompasses all aspects, such as the design of the hotel logo, targeted and brand-oriented recruiting, social media and online presences, the creation of printed matter of all kinds — all the way up to dynamic pricing and the promising tools that make it possible to readjust plans for success at any time on the basis of solid market data: HQ revenue perfectly complements the Brandnamic offer. 


High calibre and far-sighted visions — these values are shared by the Brixen agency with the Berlin-based SaaS and hotel market data provider HQ plus.



What changes are we facing? What new sales channels will the future bring? Which technologies will play a role in the selection of travel and hotel offers in the future? What tools will hoteliers have at our disposal to assert ourselves in the market?

We created GRANT Magazine to find answers to these questions. The English to grant means to grant insights and to fulfill wishes ...

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HQ revenue supports solid, proactive support and advice for clients.

In revenue management, HQ revenue enables the targeted optimisation of occupancy rates and optimal pricing strategy. "HQ revenue means enormous time savings for us," asserts Hannes Gasser, Brandnamic Managing Director in charge of the consulting and hotel coaching division. "HQ revenue provides us with optimally prepared data in real time. These data allow us to directly compare the current and historical situation in the target market and at the same time make detailed comparisons with the competition".

Another area where HQ revenue has great potential for agencies is in the field of customer service. This is because the creation of dynamic marketing plans requires solid data in order to individually set budget targets and track potential.

blog_positionierung-markenbildung-sensoria-dolomites_hannes-gassner_kl"As one of the leading marketing agencies in the Alpine region, we’re taking revenue management in hotel and destination marketing to a new level in cooperation with HQ revenue", says Hannes Gasser, the owner, Managing Director and person responsible for consulting at Brandnamic, confidently looking forward to our joint path towards the future.




This article is taken from GRANT#2 – Get in Position!

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